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A WORD FROM AN EXPERT: Simon from Cinematique Film Company discusses the benefits of getting your big day filmed

A WORD FROM AN EXPERT: Film maker Simon Gillespie, owner of Cinematique Film Company runs through a few good things to remember when it comes to getting your wedding filmed –
As a wedding filmmaker I often get asked by couples why they would want to have a wedding video produced of their big day.
I always start by mentioning that I meet a lot of different people of all ages who regretted not having it filmed .
“The only regret I have about our wedding is not having a wedding videographer , the day goes by so fast , you really miss so much of it.”
“Having a great wedding video that you can watch annually on your anniversary really helps to remind yourselves why you love each other so much”
“Generations will be able to watch the wedding film for years to come” “You are at the altar and cannot see your guests behind you”
Another common ‘fear’ that puts people off booking a videographer is “We donʼt want a video camera in our face”
A good wedding videographer will work in an unobtrusive way , using smaller DSLRʼs to capture your day rather than a huge imposing cameras with rig. I use zoom lenses that can capture the emotions of family and friends from a distance taking out that fear of being on camera.
It is also very important to remember that not all of our friends or family can attend the wedding due to health problems, conflicting schedules, or unexpected emergencies. A professionally shot and edited wedding film will be of great comfort to those friends and family who were not able to make the wedding itself as the entire day will be saved from start to finish forever so that you can relive your perfect day over and over and share it with those most important to you.
Iʼve spoken to a lot of couples that have got a relative or friend to film their wedding , it usually ends up with a bad quality picture and sound , we use high resolution cameras as well as independent sound recorders , you really donʼt want to miss that important “I do” due to a bad microphone .
A good reputable wedding videographer will be fully insured as well .
Another aspect is “photographer friendly”
We work closely with the photographer on the day , we know where to position ourselves so that we donʼt get in the way of a shot that is important to the photographer , the experience of knowing how a wedding works also gives us a step ahead to where we should be on the important aspects of your day.
With a wedding video you can re live your day from your perspective as well as a guests perspective , you canʼt be in all those places at once and there will be things that happen on your day that you will miss.
Capturing the groom waiting at the end of the alter looking nervous , capturing the bride showing her dress for the first time , these are memories and moments that you have to capture as they happen .
Being able to actually see and hear the ceremony of your wedding is something that can only ever be achieved with a wedding video, the speeches with the audience reaction will be something that you can treasure always and with everything being DVD and digital, thereʼs no more warped VHS tapes that have been worn out , everything remains as fresh as it was on your wedding day.
Then thereʼs the first dance , the lights go down and suddenly everything looks dark and grainy, a professional videographer will have suitable lighting to capture every move on the dance floor as well as showing the colours of the lights and all the guests huddled round watching from the edge of the dance floor.
Finally a good edit and colouring of the footage can bring your wedding video to life , a professional videographer will have these tools to polish up your wedding film.
Thanks Simon, some really valid points there, and as a wedding photographer myself I know just how important it is to work together as a team to capture every aspect both as stills and as a film. Another tip when choosing a videographer is to make sure they have a similar style to your photographer in terms of the way they work…what I mean is, if your photographer has a very natural unobtrusive style catching the day as it happens, you don’t want to book a videographer that makes a big production of your wedding directing you on what to do…the styles don’t match. If you book your photographer first, they can recommend what video companies they work well with and vice versa. If anyone is thinking of getting their wedding filmed, Cinematique is the company I work with the most so can 100% recommend them xhttp://cinematique.video