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SNAP HAPPY – TIP 1: Meet your photographer before you book

TIP 1: I would always recommend meeting your photographer before booking them – even if you have loved and followed their work for years. If you choose a full day coverage, they will be by your side from bridal prep in the morning until after the dancing starts at night. If you feel awkward in any way, this will translate onto your photos and you will not get the best images of you being relaxed and enjoying yourself. I would also advise that you look around at different photographers and different styles and find one that really suits you guys. Never just book anyone on a whim as you may start to regret it later on. After the wedding has finished, photographs are what bring it back to life for years to come. I always say to my couples that I would never be offended if they come to see me and then end up booking with someone else – I would rather they go with who feels right for them. I got married 15 years ago and know exactly how it feels to get it wrong when choosing a photographer – I don’t have a single wedding photo up in my house and that makes me sad. It also made me more determined to never make another couple feel the way that we did (and still do ) when I started my own photography business seven years later. So do your homework…it pays off later x