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Wedding Photography

Let me capture every last detail of your special day in a relaxed, friendly and informal manner. Being in Falkirk gives me the ideal base to cover most of Central Scotland’s prime wedding venues, however I also take bookings from further afield (travel costs may apply). I understand what goes into the planning of a wedding, and how much the day means to you. Your day means a lot to me as well and I will do everything I can to make sure you have the time of your life.

My reportage style of photography combined with my relaxed friendly manner means I capture all aspects of the day without you having to worry about ‘posing’ for too many photographs, leaving you with special memories to treasure forever. I provide a good mixture of colour and black and white photos, all edited and enhanced to give you wonderful images that you will want to share with everyone. And I encourage you to share your photos – that is why I do not put any copyright restrictions to them….you are free to print and share as you wish, after all, they are YOUR photographs. It gives me great pleasure to see everyone enjoying my art. You can view loads more of my images on my Facebook page – simply follow the links on my website by clicking the Facebook logo.

Wedding Packages  


Click on a package to view the full details of what is included. Prices from 1st January 2018

Included with the package is a USB with all of the edited images on, along with an online viewing gallery that is password protected so you can choose who views them. I use Shootproof for my gallery as it is so easy to use. You log pop in your email and password and instantly have all of your wedding photos at hand from any device you use. I set them to free downloads so you can also download and print as you please, but for easy and professional printing, it is also linked to Loxley Colour in Cumbernauld if you wish to use that service. From shoot proof you can also share direct to your social media pages, or change any image to black and white if you prefer. You can even view as a slideshow! I try and cover all bases x

You are completely free to do whatever you wish with your photos, and your friends and family are too.

Full Day Reportage Package: £1600

I join the bride and her entourage on the morning of your wedding to capture natural images of the girls getting hair/make up done, but also capture artistic photographs of the dress hanging up, the flowers, the shoes, the jewellery, your wedding perfume…….you get the idea!

As I have photographed over 200 weddings, I have experienced little things that maybe don’t go as planned, and with every wedding I do, I pick up more tips and more ideas to make the next wedding run even smoother. I keep loads of added extras in my kit bag that can usually help out in any minor emergency, and I have mastered the art of fastening bridal gowns! All part of the service!

I help out wherever I can and build up a rapport with you all so by the time it comes to the ceremony, you are so relaxed in front of the camera and feel like you know me as a friend. I leave you once you are in your dress and I join the groom and his men at the venue and wait on the bride’s arrival. I take unobtrusive photos of the ceremony as it happens and then proceed to take the main photos after the wedding. I cover the speeches, the cake cutting, the first dance…even the second and third dance if the floor is still full, then leave you to party the night away.

Ceremony Package: £1200

If you are on a tighter budget then I also offer a smaller package which starts with me joining the Groom and his men at the venue of your wedding. I cover the bride’s arrival and the whole of the ceremony along with photographs afterwards, just like I do in the Reportage Package. I stay with you right up until you are all seated for your meal, take a photo of you at the top table and then leave you to enjoy the rest of your day. (I do a fake cake cutting photo if you are cutting the cake after the meal).

To secure your wedding, I take £200 deposit, then the remainder of the payment is due AFTER your wedding when I have finished your photos and show them to you. This not only shows you how confident I am that you will LOVE my work, it also gives me motivation to get your photos to you as quickly as possible.

A day in the life of a wedding photographer…

To make this gallery easier to view, I’ve broken my photos down into different sections of a wedding to give you an idea of my style. Scroll down to view photos from each particular part of the day.

Getting Ready…

Usually by the time I join the bride in the morning, things are in full swing. Make-up is getting applied, hair is getting put up, champagne is flowing as the bridesmaids fuss around making sure everything is going to plan…..I always feel a little sorry for father of the bride at this point as he is stuck amongst the mist of hairspray and perfume that is flying around while all the other male members of the bridal party are probably about to hit a bar somewhere!

I am on hand to become your ‘wedding guru’ at this point and keep everyone calm, top up your bubbly, help fasten dresses (you’ll be amazed how restricted your bridesmaids become once they’ve had their nails done!). I arrange things like flowers and shoes to get my artistic shots taken, then just capture the action as it happens.

Once you are in your dress, I leave to get to the venue and take some shots of the men while they nervously wait on your arrival. I also carry lots of emergency essentials in my kit bag so I have almost every situation covered… you’d be amazed how many times body tape has saved the day!


I get to your venue with as much time as I can to avoid being stuck in traffic which is why I leave the moment you have your wedding dress on and I know I’m not needed there any more. I always prefer to take photos of the bride arriving at the venue than take photos of her leaving her house to make sure I am there and in place before her, plus it also gives me a chance to get a few snaps of the groom and his groomsmen.

I don’t tend to take any ‘posed’ shots before your wedding unless you specifically ask me to, instead I keep snapping away from a distance letting you go down to join your groom straight away.

Things are so much more relaxed once the “ I Do’s “ have been said.

The Ceremony…

I am always very discreet while photographing your ceremony. I would have already done my homework and worked out the best places to stand so I don’t get in your way.

I don’t use a flash – my hobby was always band photography so I mastered the settings on my camera for low light photography – a flash just takes all atmosphere out of a photograph… and it would be pretty noticeable to you and all of your wedding guests to have a big beam of light going off every minute!

If your wedding is in a church, I do not take photographs during prayers out of respect. I will speak to whoever is marrying you before the ceremony starts and we will work out the best plan for taking your photos.

The ‘Photos’…

Straight after your ceremony, I like to give your guests time to congratulate you rather than whisking you away from them for some photos. I always try and do the main group shot of everyone straight after you have both walked out together as a married couple, as this is the one and only time you will have everyone in the same space at the same time, without people disappearing for a cigarette or the loo!

When it comes to your ‘posed photos’ I like to try and keep them as natural as possible. I will lead you through them all so you know where to stand and roughly what to do, but mainly it will be the two of you just talking to each other and doing what comes naturally. I keep you talking throughout as well so you really don’t feel like you are standing waiting on the photo being taken, and my aim is to get you both back to your wedding party as soon as possible so you can enjoy your day. I believe that your photos should be about your day rather than your day being about your photos.

I meet with you guys a couple of weeks before your wedding to go over group photos that you want so I know exactly what I need to do on the day and don’t miss any important people out. When you are back with your crowd, I take photos of the room set up and little details like favours, then just catch all the action as it happens.

The Speeches…

Once again, I stand so I am not blocking any of your guest’s view and snap away as the speeches are being delivered. I try and capture guests reactions as well as I am going along.

Usually the speeches happen before your meal which is great because as soon as they are finished, that is when I take my break – well, you want to be able to eat your meal in peace without a camera snapping away at you.

If the speeches are after the meal then it means I am restricted to get away for a break so I do ask that a meal can be provided at the venue as I can’t risk heading away anywhere because I won’t know when the speeches are about to happen.

If the speeches are before your meal, I go away for my break and come back for when the evening guests are arriving.

The Cake…

Whether you are cutting your cake before you get seated for your meal, or just before your first dance I am there to capture this moment for you.

The Dance…

Usually the first dance belongs to the newlyweds, the second dance invites the rest of the wedding party and by the third dance, everyone is throwing their shapes on the dancefloor!

To make sure I capture every aspect of your day, I stay until at least the third dance, then I say my goodbyes and leave you to it.

I always give my couples the option of me editing a quick preview of some of their photos and posting them on my facebook page so they can view and share them to their own the following day….after all, you want your friends that couldn’t attend the wedding to see you in full glory…rather than tagged in a photo taken on a phone by someone after a few glasses of champagne!

The Fun…

Who said weddings had to be serious the whole way through….if you are up for trying new things for your photos, i’m up for it too!