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Tip of the day: Think about who can be in the ONE place at the ONE time?

So you have booked your venue and set the date for your big day (week…exciting!!! )…. but what happens next?
My advice would be to have a think of which of your desired suppliers can only be at one place at one time? Get in touch with the suppliers you really like AS SOON AS YOU KNOW YOUR WEDDING DATE as all it would take is for one other couple to book that date before you and it is gone.
Here is a list of the main ones you need to think about:
*PHOTOGRAPHER – Most photographers work alone and get booked up well in advance especially if they are popular and in demand. I know for myself, I have to turn so many people away because I am either already booked or have 2 weddings that week already…and it never gets any easier to say no believe me.
*VIDEOGRAPHER – In a world dominated by media, more and more people wish to have their day filmed and just like photographers, many work alone so once they are booked, they are booked. Look out for my tips on choosing your Videographer coming up later.
*CELEBRANT- Did you know you can choose who you wish to marry you? As most wedding ceremonies are held around the same time of day, many can only work at one wedding (and bear in mind that some celebrants also conduct other sorts of ceremonies as well along with weddings )so if you have your heart set on a particular person guiding you through your vows and making the whole thing legal for you, don’t hang about! Tips on choosing a celebrant coming soon.
*BAND – Until the use of projected holograms come into play at weddings (well they can get Elvis back on stage that way can’t they? ), a band can only play at one venue so use it as an excuse for a few extra date nights, go and listen to a few bands play live and when you find the one that you want (as Sandy and Danny once sang…) get them booked!
*MAKE UP ARTIST/HAIRDRESSER – To a wedding photographer, these are two of the most important people on a wedding day…they can be the difference of you looking and feeling a million dollars…or not. After the day is over, you will look back time and time again at images of the wedding and you want to make sure you loved the way you looked in those photos. You may feel that their services are a little pricey compared to what you would normally pay for getting hair and make up done, but see it as an investment. I’ll cover more off on my tips for hair and make up later, but find a good one, get them booked in and then you don’t need to worry!
And my FINAL TIP OF THE DAY is all of the above will ask for a deposit to secure their date. If you can’t afford to do everything at once, simply tell them. Explain how you would love them to work with you on your wedding day but have to pay deposits for this, this and this… and is it ok to hold the date and you will pay their deposit on a set date you agree to. Most suppliers will value your honesty and be that pleased that you are so keen to book with them they will be happy to wait just that little bit longer x