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A WORD FROM AN EXPERT: Buying your dress

A WORD FROM AN EXPERT: I spoke to Fiona, owner of award winning Olivia Cameron Bridal in Falkirk to get you some top tips when it comes to buying THE dress.
Let me start with the do’s and don’ts of wedding dress shopping!
Have a venue booked before you start looking for dresses as this allows us to help you select a gown that suits the season of your wedding and that will be enhanced by the venue and not look out of place in it.
Keep an open mind as what might not look much on the hanger can be stunning on the right person ( to suit shapes, colouring and specific looks). In our bridal shop, as well as letting you pick the styles you really like, we will help you by showing you a selection that we think will match your figure to try…you’ll be surprised how many girls come in with an idea of what they think they want, try that on, realise it doesn’t flatter them and end up leaving with something completely different. That’s why we book appointments as well so we can close the door and focus 100% on you.
Be realistic about sizing as bridal gowns are small made ( at least 1 size smaller than the hight street sizes )
Set yourself a budget if possible and remember to add alterations in to your overall spend.
Consider the type of bridesmaid dresses you would like as they should compliment your gown.
Allow enough time to take delivery ( approx 6 months) and allocate time for fittings after that (8 weeks approximately).
If you are travelling abroad check with your travel agent whether you can carry the gown on to a flight or if it need us to pack it for the journey.
Take opinions from others but ultimately it is your choice. You will know when you have found THE ONE.
Never EVER buy a gown which is too small and hope to diet in to it as it just adds additional pressure in the run up to the big day. It is so much easier to make alterations to make a gown smaller than it is to try and make one bigger.
If it doesn’t feel right don’t be pushed in to buying, we never hard sell. Fiona x
Great advice from one of the leading Bridal shops in the country. My own tip will be to make a day of it. Go with your mum or your bridesmaids and have a nice lunch, a bit of bubbly, some pampering time… as the wedding day itself is over in a flash, make the most of all the preparation and planning and really enjoy every minute of it.
Another tip would be, when you go for your final fitting, ask the assistant to show one of your girls how to fasten the dress up for the evening. If possible, film this process on a phone so when it comes to the big day, you have a step by step guide of how to do it. I usually offer to help my brides sort their dress before I leave but if you have nobody around that has done it before, you can get in a bit of a pickle…a simple video clip will take that stress away. Em x