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SNAP HAPPY – TIP 2: Create a fabulous beauty team!

TIP 2: So you are spending hundreds, maybe thousands of pounds on wedding photography. You want to look at yourself in those photos and think ‘wow, I look AMAZING!’. Set aside approximately an extra £200 – some are slightly more, some are slightly less (£100 if you don’t want trials but I would ALWAYS recommend a trial as if you don’t like something on the day…it may be too late to change!) as an INVESTMENT for making you LOVE the way you look in those photographs.
As a wedding photographer, my heart sinks when I see a beautiful bride wearing a gorgeous dress…but getting a bad job done on her make up, or her hair is full of pins showing everywhere, or her make up starts to slip off after a couple of hours…….. I know that I am going to have to work that photoshop in the editing process to get it looking right ( and not every photographer does that by the way, some will charge a fortune for ‘touch ups’ so be careful ). On the same note, when I walk in and see a talented team working on the bride…I feel like leaping up and kicking my heels together!
It does sound like a lot of money initially, especially if you have bridesmaids that need to get their make up done too (but don’t feel that YOU have to pay for theirs, i’m sure they will be happy to chip in to make sure they look and feel amazing as well) but after the day is done, you will want to look back at photos and film if you have a videographer and enjoy looking at yourself….you don’t want to pay all that money for photographs and be looking at them saying ‘oh dear, I look like a drag queen…..’

So budget for it as part of your photography, look at it as a good investment….and if it means sacrificing a candy buffet or a photo booth at night…..what will you miss more when you look back on the day? I’ll be posting an article specifically on make up and specifically on wedding hair soon talking to people who are experts in those fields so watch this space x