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SNAP HAPPY TIP 8: Talk to your photographer

SNAP HAPPY TIP 8: If you don’t like something particular in photos, tell your photographer BEFORE the big day

Every wedding photographer wants to make sure they get your photos just perfect for you so if you have any insecurities that really bother you on photos, speak to them about it before the big day. It may be the case of you really dislike seeing yourself from a particular angle…if you let your photographer know this, they can position you in a way that doesn’t emphasise it. But also find a photographer you can trust in to make sure you feel comfortable with this…remember we deal with all sorts of shapes and sizes and a professional will give you tips on how to get the best and most flattering angles. I have had numerous brides that have said to me “I hate my nose..no side profiles please’ but then caught them in a natural pose side on and they have loved the image.

The same goes for tattoos, scars and birthmarks. I ALWAYS ask beforehand if they want anything visible left in or photoshopped out of the image, but I think that is because I have a birthmark myself and wouldn’t want it taken out of a photo. I will always recommend to leave it in as it is a part of them, but I offer that choice, especially of someone has tried to have removal of a tattoo, you know they don’t want it in and everyone is different so never assume.
But not every photographer will ask you, so make sure YOU tell them what YOU want and avoid any awkwardness.