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SNAP HAPPY TIP 4: Make your groups list specific to you

TIP 4: You need to remember that the two of you will be in pretty much every group photo that you list, so the longer the list, the more the pair of you will be standing waiting. ONLY list the important people that you really want a group photo with. I always advise to keep it simple. One full group shot of everyone, then Parents, Grandparents, Siblings ( and partners and children). If you start including aunties and uncles then that’s when you will start to feel it and not enjoy it as much. And because most of those people are only required for the one photo, they don’t think of you guys waiting around…so you find Auntie Jean, but can’t find uncle Bob, then by the time you drag uncle Bob away from the bar, Auntie Jean has gone off chatting to someone else…do you get what I mean? The easier way to do it is for YOU GUYS to go and FIND THEM for a photo while they are mingling. Yes it will be a less formal shot, but you tend to find that groups of people flock together at a wedding…so it really does make things a whole lot easier and more enjoyable for you. Plus, sometimes the ad hoc photos are the best!
ALWAYS make sure your photographer knows (prior to the wedding) who the important people are to get a photo with so they are not missed out on the day. Speaking from my own experience as a bride, my photographer didn’t ask…and my brother is not in any of my photos because of it. Something I can’t get back, so I always make sure I do my homework with my couples before the big day.