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So you have decided on what date you would like to get married. Before you go ahead and confirm everything, take a moment to check whether any big events are scheduled in for that same date. Will the roads around the venue be closed off? If they are that may affect you getting to your venue on time so you may want to consider other options like staying at the venue the night before. Will there be plenty of accommodation available for your guests should they need it? Will photo opportunities be affected? A great example of this would be one wedding that I did at Orocco Pier happened to fall on the same day as the Ferry Fair. The whole street was closed off for the processions and everything but we just incorporated this into the photos and had fun with it. If you know these things in advice you can prepare for them…and if you don’t think you would like something like that, you can choose a different date. Always pays off doing your homework first.
Once you have decided a date and set it in stone, send out save the date cards or messages via social media. It helps make sure the people who you really want to be there don’t make prior commitments …like book a holiday…because these things are planned well in advance where as wedding invites go out a few months before the day itself. It also helps build the excitement for you and gives everyone something to look forward to x