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TIP OF THE DAY: It’s ok for your dress to get dirty….

TIP OF THE DAY: The most common thing I hear on a wedding day is ‘Oh no, my dress is going to get dirty….’ but girls, i’m afraid to say…unless you are some sort of ninja dress warrior, this is completely unavoidable. If you imagine taking a large white sheet out right now and sweeping across the floor with it, you wouldn’t expect it to be spotless would you? Well that’s what is going to be happening with the bottom of your dress so if you can accept that from the start you will have a much better day.
What you need to always remember is that you bought your dress for this one day, you didn’t buy it with the intention to sit it immaculately in a box in your loft for the rest of your days did you?….you didn’t spend that much money on it to not enjoy it! Don’t be afraid of getting the bottom or the underneath dirty.
Think of all the little marks on it as evidence that you were too busy enjoying your day to worry about keeping the dress spotless. I’m not saying be careless with it, obviously try and avoid mud puddles and things like that but remember to let your hair down and enjoy wearing it. Swish it about…own it! Most photographers use photoshop so any blemishes on your dress can be easily hidden for photos. And if you are thinking of keeping your dress for when your daughter gets married….are you really? Do you not think she would like that experience of going shopping with you to find HER dream dress just like you did yours? I have a daughter and I know for a fact I wouldn’t want her to miss out on that….hey, I don’t want to miss out on seeing her do that.
When I got married, I stepped out of the wedding car and dropped my train straight into a puddle by accident so as I walked down the aisle I pretty much mopped the floor for them! But I had two choices at that moment, I could get upset and let it ruin the rest of my day, or i could put on a great big smile, relax and get on with it…I chose the latter and had the best day ever. I also then went and put my dress in the washing machine on a silks wash – I figured what was the worst that can happen…it shrinks? Great, makes me look like I was skinnier when I got married. It came out completely fine by the way…although my dress didn’t have any embellishment on, it was embroidered so maybe wouldn’t have done it if it was covered in beading. Yet again, I didn’t fancy paying £100 to get it professionally cleaned to sit in a box in the loft!
Another good tip when it comes to keeping your dress clean – you know when all your guests come and hug you to say congratulations…but they are holding a glass of red wine or vodka and coke in their hand…simply place your hand on top of theirs which is holding their drink, and you are in control of them not tipping it all over you…works a treat. Great tip if you are having a line up by the way (which is an old fashioned tradition that many couples avoid these days as it’s much nicer to go and mingle with everyone in an informal way )