Where did you get married? > We got married at Torbain Church in Kirkcaldy, followed by The Bay Hotel in Kinghorn.
Would you recommend this venue to others? > Torbain Church is my family church where I went growing up and had always dreamed of getting married there. The hotel venue was my now husbands choice … it was perfect, I couldn’t fault a thing – and their view across the forth is beautiful.
What month did you get married? > We got married in June
How far in advance did you start planning your wedding? > we started planning our wedding not long after we got engaged in April 2014. I was keen to get stuck in and be a very hands on bride.
How did you decide on the date of your wedding? > We originally wanted the 28th May 2016 as it was my grandads birthday and he was giving me away however the hotel was already booked for that date so we decided to move it to the week later and got married on the 4th June 2016.
`what kind of ceremony did you opt for? > we had a religious church service which was perfectly personalised to us.
After you had chosen your date and booked your venue, what was the first thing that you booked? > I think we booked our photographer after we had booked the venue, we had heard such amazing things about Emma I was desperate to get her booked.
Did everything go smoothly with the planning of the wedding or did you come across any stumbling blocks? > We had a small issue with our minister deciding that Emma couldn’t take photographs throughout our service on the wedding day itself, however I cannot praise Emma enough for standing her ground and getting the all important pictures. You were so professional and very discreet. We can never thank you enough for this.
If you could do it all again, would you do anything differently? > I don’t think I would change anything … our day was perfect to us.
What 3 tips would you pass onto anyone just starting to plan their wedding? > 1) it’s your wedding, don’t try to please everyone – it’s impossible. As long as you and your husband to be are happy then that’s the main thing. 2) take 10 minutes out for you and your new husband, it’s such a whirlwind of a day. You’ll feel like you’ve hardly seen each other. 3) Just enjoy every second … it really does just fly by.
Who were your favourite 3 suppliers that you used for your wedding? > our three favourite suppliers were –
Emma @ Emma Gray Photography for the most amazing pictures.
Jackie @ Kudos Bridal in Dunfermline for the perfect wedding dress and stunning bridesmaid dresses
Denise @ Smith-s Hair Room in Kirkcaldy for organising the perfect wedding morning. This bridal parties hair and make-up were outstanding.
Did you go on honeymoon? If so where did you go? > we kind of stretched our honeymoon out… after the wedding we had a mini moon away to Crete just to relax and enjoy each other company after the business of the wedding and then in September we had our proper honeymoon and went to Cyprus for a couple of weeks. It’s the island of love and somewhere we both love to go.
Any other comments? > Again Emma we cannot thank you enough for everything you did on the day, from picking us up from the hair dressers, helping me into my dress, sorting out the issues at the church and overall just being the most fantastic wedding photographer there is out there. You seriously do rock!!
love The Fergs ❤
Thanks for sharing your day with us Emily, and yes, what happened at the Church was the minister had obviously had bad experiences with photographers before in the past, so when I turned up he said absolutely no photographs during the service but we could go back inside the church afterwards and try to recreate certain moments. After the initial shock of hearing this (and slight panic as I wasn’t expecting it!) I managed to persuade him that I would be extremely discreet, not use the flash at all, not take photos during any prayers, stand at the from to catch Emily walking down and then go and hide up on the balcony for the rest of the service. My powers of persuasion worked and he agreed to it. It did mean me missing the arrival of Emily from the wedding cars which I was sad about but meant I could capture their wedding ceremony naturally instead of setting up shots afterwards. Thanks for your lovely comments too, glad I could help x